Friends of Puppet & Object Theatre

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We are currently supporting The Art of Being a Spectator Project, touring to schools, universities, museums, libraries and theatre. Loren Kahn Puppet & Object Theatre is the working arm of FPOT.

We are also currently having a fundraiser for puppet and object theatre in New Mexico schools:

Friends of Puppet & Object Theatre, based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is a non-profit 501c3, since 2004. Our mission is twofold 1) to support and launch the creation and performance of exceptional and challenging shows, which will tour locally as well as nationally and internationally and 2) to give educational and pedagogical tools to teachers and caregivers through performances, workshops and written materials.

Friends of Puppet & Object Theatre

We aim to foster appreciation and respect for arts and culture, to provide the social experience of being an audience, to inspire both enjoyment and critical thinking, and to give young people a positive introduction to theatre.

What a sight!! Thank you for coming to Vaughn Municipal Schools and the community of Vaughn. Your spirit and enthusiasm for the Arts was refreshing. Your friendliness and eagerness to teach us was remarkable! I deeply appreciate your coming to our little town and giving us the experience that many of us would probably never be afforded if you hadn't come to us.

As a teacher and parent, your willingness to teach the children about Art and puppets was inspiring. Watching both of you invoke the creativity of so many minds was moving. I’m grateful that my daughter, my mother and I were able to attend and continue pondering what Art really is.

We welcome you back with open arms. Many students hope to see you back soon!

--Teacher, Vaughn Elementary


Major funders through the years include McCune Charitable Foundation, New Mexico Arts, Urban Enhancement Trust Fund of the City of Albuquerque, County of Bernalillo, Albuquerque Community Foundation, Vintage Albuquerque, FUNd, Henry Fund for the Performing Arts and Maggie’s Giving Circle.